Local One Recruitment:


Applications for the next Local One Recruitment are tentatively scheduled for the following date and time:

December 20, 2021 at 12:00 PM (NOON)

A link for the application will be posted here as well as the following sites:

National Elevator Industry Educational Program

New York State Department of Labor

Keep in mind that the link will not be posted until 30 days prior to application day.

Application Day, December 20, 2021, is subject to change and/or cancellation due to any COVID restrictions that may be in place at that time. The following are some commonly asked questions:

Q - If I submitted an application for the cancelled 2018 recruitment do I still have to apply for the next recruitment?

A – Yes. This is a completely new recruitment. All who are interested must apply regardless of past applications.

Q – If I already passed the Elevator Industry Aptitude Test do I still have to take test again?

A – No. The Elevator Industry Aptitude Test (EIAT) only needs to be passed once. Those who obtain, submit an application and already passed the EIAT will move on to the interview process.

Q – Do you provide practice exams for the EIAT?

A – We do not. The aptitude test is a test that will gauge your level of proficiency in reading comprehension, math, mechanical aptitude as well as basic tool knowledge.

Q – If I get an application and pass the EIAT and interview when can I expect to start work?

A – There is no guarantee nor prediction of employment. Apprentice opportunities are subject to the current conditions in the market and fluctuate often.

Q – I am currently on the 2018 recruitment list. What happens when the new list is created?

A – Once the new recruitment list is created the 2018 list will be archived. We will hire off the new list starting with the top number. List numbers and/or interview scores do not carry over to the next recruitment.

Q – Can I obtain an application before December 20 and get a jump start on the process?

A – No. As per the New York State Department of Labor all applicants will have the ability to request an application at the same time. That time is tentatively scheduled for Dec 20, 2021 @ 12:00 PM (NOON)


The Local One 2018 Recruitment is currently at number 465.


IUEC Local One provides our members with industry best training to provide the highest quality craftsmen. 

Please choose from the links below to find your training center class information and sign up.


Education and Training Fund


National Elevator Industry Educational Program