National Elevator Industry Educational Program

The International Union of Elevator Constructors (IUEC) members are among the most skilled and well-trained of all the building trades. In the U.S. this is due to the outstanding and comprehensive training program IUEC members receive through NEIEP (Website). In 1967, NEII and the IUEC recognized a need for a more extensive and continuing educational program to serve the needs of our ever-changing industry.

NEIEP provides the beneficiaries of the National Elevator Educational Program Trust with the most comprehensive, industry specific, technical education for the craft of Elevator Constructor.

NEIEP addresses non-product specific education processes and components essential to employers utilizing the labor force represented by the International Union of Elevator Constructors (IUEC). NEIEP is tasked with the responsibility of creating a standardized educational structure across the country to promote portability of trade skills from state to state within all aspects and disciplines of the trade. NEIEP also maintains the pattern standards of apprenticeship for the Office of Apprenticeship as well as a nationally standardized and validated Mechanic’s Exam.

NEIEP’s Mission is to provide a program of continuing education and training in the basic, intermediate and advanced skills necessary to maintain a knowledgeable and productive industry workforce.

Philip Ducatelli
Apprenticeship Coordinator

Classes offered:
CE001 – DC Generators and Motors
CE002 – Solid State Theory and Application
CE003 – Solid State Theory and Application II
CE004 – Microprocessor Based Control
CE005 – Solid State Motor Control
CE006 – HC Theory and Troubleshooting
CE007 – Reroping
CE008 – Customer Relations
CE009 – Esclators Series
CE010 – Door Operator Series
CE011 – Meters
CE012 – Maintenance 
CE013 – Rack and Pinion
CE014 – Traveling Cable
CE015 – Lula Series
CE016 – Abestos
CE017 – Safety Testing for Code Compliance
CE018 – Scaffolding Compentent Person Course
CE019 – Welding Training
CE020 – Online Course in Signaling and Rigging
CE021 – Classroom-Based Course in Rigging
CE022 – Financial Tools for the Trades
CE023 – Harrassment and Discrimination in the Workplace
CE024/S – Advanced Hydraulic Valve Operation-Adjustment and Troubleshooting
CE025 – Mechanic Review Eligibility Course
CE026 – ARC Flash Safety in the Workplace
CE027 – Virtual Exclator
CE030 – CPR/First Aid/AED Training and Certification
CE031 – Forklift Certification Course
CE032 – Aerial Lift Certification Course
CE033 – Introduction to Automated People Movers (APMs)
NH002 – New Hire Program
OS001 – OSHA 10
OS002 – OSHA 30