New License Requirements for Elevator Work in New York City

Beginning January 1, 2022, elevator work in New York City may only be performed by authorized individuals, that are under the direct and continuing supervision of a licensed Elevator Agency Director. In addition to the NYS Elevator Mechanics License, mechanics must also apply for the NYC Elevator License. Mechanics MUST apply to the NYS Elevator Mechanics License FIRST.

ALL Apprentices/Helpers must apply for the NYC Elevator Agency Helper Card by December 30, 2021.

Below are the following NYC Elevator Licenses:

  • Elevator Agency Technician License
  • Elevator Agency Helper
  • Restricted Elevator Agency Technician License 

Click here for more information on these licenses.

Apply for a DOB License:
Applications for the license may only be submitted online. Use an eFiling account to login to DOB NOW at See the New License Application User Guide for step-by-step directions. The application fee is $50.

Below are three documents that need to be electronically filled out and notarized. In order to complete your NYC Application, you need to upload the three notarized forms to your NYC Application.