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Updated On: Oct 03, 2016 (07:08:00)

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Dear Friends,



It has been 2 years since Madelyn was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on August 10, 2013.  This has turned our lives upside down.  We are getting stronger with managing her diabetes. She is an amazing little 4 year old.  She is now in preschool!  We are so proud of her for handling shots, finger sticks and insulin every day.  She is on an insulin pump, which really makes all of our lives a little bit easier.  She also has a second tool called a CGM which monitors her blood glucose which we can read on a receiver.  She has to wear 2 devices on her little body but they are both managing her diabetes better.  We have unofficially become her pancreas, providing her with her medication every 3 hours.  In addition it feels as if we have also received a degree in nutrition, pediatric endocrinology and emergency response care.  Every day we are trying to remember that we are this little girl's mom and dad and not just her diabetes managers.  We try to keep her life as normal as possible.  We are up every 3 hrs at night as well, checking and treating her blood glucose.  Giving more insulin when her blood glucose is too high and giving more sugar when it is too low. I am so amazed by her adaptation to her new life style as this is a lifelong disease.   I'm hopeful that with your donation there will be a cure and these memories will be in her past.


With your support, JDRF will continue to fund life-changing advances that bring us closer to a world without T1D. It’s easy to donate:

·        Visit and click Donate.

·        Write a check payable to JDRF and write Maddie's Marchers on the memo line.

Thank you for everything you do to help us and the millions of others living with T1D. Your dollars are helping turn Type One into Type None.



The Polizzi Family



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